FDCPA Violations (part 1)

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FDCPA Violations (part 1) Debt collectors often engage in collection practices which are strictly prohibited under Federal Law. This blog is one in a series of blogs that will list out specific actions on the part of debt collectors which are in violation of the FDCPA and other federal statutes regulating the debt collection practices. The following are some examples of limitation places on debt collection practices: Limitations on How a Debt Collector Can Contact […]

How to Draft a Dispute Letter to the Credit Reporting Agencies

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How to Draft a Dispute Letter to the Credit Reporting Agencies Below are recommended guidelines on how to draft a dispute letter to the credit reporting agencies: Your Full Name, Address, and Social Security Number. Include the complete Social Security number. This is the most reliable identifier in the Credit Reporting Agencies database. **If possible include a copy of your Drivers’ License and a utility bill/ bank statement which has your current address. Include a […]

Social Security Numbers & Mixed Credit files

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Many people believe that their Social Security number is a unique identifier. However, this assumption is flawed. While a Social Security Number in its entirety is unique to each individual, the last four digits of the Social Security Number are used multiple times between different people. As many of you may already know from experience, creditors and companies often rely on the last four digits of your Social Security Number to identify customers and rarely […]

Have Credit Reporting Errors? Here are the steps to take.

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Have Credit Reporting Errors? Here are the steps to take. If you have a mixed file case or are a victim of any other type of credit reporting errors you should consider contacting an attorney to help protect your rights. Credit Reporting Agencies are frequently forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to individuals for inaccurate credit reporting. Legal recourse is an Option!! However, if you initially wish to take appropriate measures […]

What is a Mixed File Case?

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Credit Reporting Agencies can mix your identity with someone else which in turn results in an inaccurate credit report. These inaccurate credit reports run afoul of Credit Reporting Agencies’ obligation to report accurate credit information under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The following are a few categories of people who are often victims mixed credit files: Individuals with similar names living in the same zip code Individuals with similar first name and identical last name […]