Indiana Home Loan Practices Act and Mortgage Fraud


Despite Indiana’s reputation as a corporate friendly anti plaintiff state, Indiana has one of the most powerful statutes protecting home owners against servicing abuses by mortgage servicers. A mortgage servicer violates Ind. Code § 24-9-3-7(c)(3) if they engage in one or more deceptive acts, as defined by Ind. Code § 24-9-2-7, with respect to a home loan, as defined by Ind. Code § 24-9-2-9. Successful litigants are potentially entitled to two times the financing costs […]

How to Identify a Scam Collection Phone Call

Scam Calls

Millions of consumers are bombarded daily by phone calls which are illegally placed by scammers pretending to be collectors. While these calls are illegal, there is little legal recourse for consumers because the callers are unidentifiable and often beyond the reach of consumer protection attorneys. This blog will cover two topics: (1) how to identify a scammer; and (2) what actions to take once you have identified a scammer. How to identify a Scam Collection […]

I Have Made All My Mortgage Payments but the Mortgage Servicer is Filing Foreclosure?

Mortgage Graphic

We at Saeed & Little, LLP, routinely get calls from home owners who are facing foreclosure but have made all their monthly payments and should otherwise be current on their Mortgage. The home owners are often shocked and cannot understand why the mortgage servicer refuses to help them. Furthermore, these consumers often have an incredibly difficult time finding competent counsel. Most attorneys often don’t understand the nuances of Mortgage Servicing regulations and can’t adequately help […]

Autism Spectrum Disorders & Insurance Coverage

Child and parent holding hands

Autism Spectrum Disorders & Insurance Coverage Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Indiana are being denied coverage for therapies otherwise mandated by state law. (State Mandate: PDF of State Mandate) Such therapies include therapies such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) which are highly effective and recommended by the State Surgeon General. However, many insurance companies have taken a very rigid stance on this issue and denied coverage across the state to a number […]

FDCPA Violations (part 3)

Fair debt collection justice

FDCPA Violations (part 3) Debt collectors often engage in collection practices which are strictly prohibited under Federal Law. This blog is one in a series of blogs that will list out specific actions on the part of debt collectors which are in violation of the FDCPA and other federal statutes regulating the debt collection practices. The following are some examples of limitation places on debt collection practices: Debt Validation (Debt collector can be a third […]