About Us – Consumer Protection and Class Action Attorneys

The attorneys at Saeed & Little are highly experienced in litigating consumer protection cases including those involving violations of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations, Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, Indiana Home Loan Practices Act, Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act, and many other Federal and State Statutes. Our attorneys have served clients both in individual and class cases involving violations of consumer rights and have successfully litigated against some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the world.

If you have been a victim of corporate fraud, abuse, or harassment or been subjected to illegal practices by a financial institution or a corporation, Saeed & Little, LLP can help you fight back.

Telephone Harassment

Consumers are often bombarded with marketing or collection cell-phone calls, texts, and or faxes. Such contacts are often an invasion of your privacy and harassing. In many instances, the calls, texts, or faxes are against the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and could result in recovery of $500 – $1500 per phone call, text, or fax.

Telemarketers, collections companies, and creditors cannot call or text your cell phone without your express consent using an automated dialing system or a pre-recorded voice message.

Inaccurate Credit Reporting

We understand that your creditworthiness is critical to your quality of life and survival. A false negative trade line on your credit report could be life-changing and can have long-lasting financial implications. Since credit reporting agencies are allowed to make billions of dollars from the sale of your personal information, we want to ensure that they are at least held accountable for their legal obligations. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was created to protect consumers like you from inaccurate reporting and invasion of your privacy. The FCRA not only regulates the credit reporting agencies but also the parties that provide information to them.

Creditor Harassment

Debt collectors and creditors often use abusive and harassing collection practices to collect their debts. Federal and Local laws put the power in your hand to take the fight back to these opportunistic and abusive businesses. We at Saeed & Little, LLP stand by consumers every day in their fight against such corporate abuses.

Mortgage Servicing Abuses

In recent years, many mortgage lenders have used misleading information to file foreclosures, used false information to push through loans, committed blunders in the accounting and application of monthly mortgage payments paid by homeowners, and charged excessive and unreasonable late fees and expenses on defaulted loans. Many of these actions are in direct violation of Federal regulations, state laws, as well as the mortgage agreement signed by both parties. Saeed & Little, LLP will help you fight against Mortgage Companies for these violations. We will fight on your behalf to save your home and get compensation for your mental anguish and emotional distress.

Class Actions

The purpose of a class action litigation is to allow an individual to take a principled stance and force a change upon some of the biggest private entities and corporations in the world. Class Actions can often be the only effective medium for change in corporate and governmental practices. Banding together hundreds or sometimes hundreds of thousands of people in one class-action lawsuit gives a case a higher level of credibility and merit and forces the defendant to pay attention.

Many victims of fraud, corporate and government abuses, and discrimination do not simply want individual recovery but aspire to change widespread and illegal practices and policies. This is the only meaningful resolution for such principled litigants. If you are a victim of such illegal practices and policies and want to make a lasting change please contact our office.

We are passionate about consumer rights and will fight to protect your rights and interest. Trust your case to the ethical representation provided by Indiana credit harassment lawyers at the law firm of Saeed & Little.