How to Draft a Dispute Letter to the Credit Reporting Agencies

Below are recommended guidelines on how to draft a dispute letter to the credit reporting agencies: Your Full Name, Address, and Social Security Number. Include the complete Social Security number. This is the most reliable identifier in the Credit Reporting Agencies database. **If possible include a copy of your Drivers’ License and a utility bill/ bank statement which has your current address. Include a detailed description of the inaccuracy you are hoping to correct. Make […]

Have Credit Reporting Errors? Here are the steps to take.

If you have a mixed file case or are a victim of any other type of credit reporting errors you should consider contacting an attorney to help protect your rights. Credit Reporting Agencies are frequently forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to individuals for inaccurate credit reporting. Legal recourse is an Option!! However, if you initially wish to take appropriate measures to rectify these errors on your own, prior to seeking […]