Have Credit Reporting Errors? Here are the steps to take.

If you have a mixed file case or are a victim of any other type of credit reporting errors you should consider contacting an attorney to help protect your rights. Credit Reporting Agencies are frequently forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to individuals for inaccurate credit reporting. Legal recourse is an Option!! However, if you initially wish to take appropriate measures to rectify these errors on your own, prior to seeking legal guidance, please consider the following recommendations:

  1. Send formal dispute letters to all credit reporting agencies which are reporting inaccurately. Your dispute letters should include all relevant information and documents that may support your argument. Such information includes but is not limited to: a detailed explanation of the problem; your personal information; and a copy of the credit report which includes the inaccurate trade-line.
  2. Please keep accurate records of all phone calls and correspondence with the Credit Reporting Agencies and the Furnisher (creditor). Document the date and time for all phone calls made to or received from the Credit Reporting Agencies. Also document the name of the agent you speak with and any other relevant information pertaining to the call.
  3. Don’t assume that sending a dispute will result in correction. Continue to make written disputes and follow up phone inquiries until the matter is resolved.
  4. If you are denied for credit as a result of the inaccurate reporting make sure to save a copy of the written denial.

If you are a victim of a mixed file case or subjected to inaccurate credit reporting please call Saeed and Little, LLP at 317-584-6785.